Hi!, I am Adrián Guzmán, I am Freelance Journalist and this is my Dapper Journey

My leit motiv

Studying journalism was one of my best decisions, despite how difficult it is usually to find the right way. This profession allows you to explore many topics and find what you are passionate about. After embarking on the finance sector on my own website and for others, a year ago I had the opportunity to write about fashion. This was a great experience that served as the basis to guide this project.

Understanding fashion is not easy, and movies like “The Devil Wears Prada” make sense when searching and writing about dress well. It will not be easy, but the number of bloggers and instagramers that make the difference day by day are the necessary inspiration to, with effort and dedication, be able to offer quality content for all of you.

style boxes

“Dress well it’s not frivolous, it is a way of life”

¿What will you find on this site?

Tips 👔

We know that fashion evolved day by day, although some styles return over time. That’s why I want to give you the latest tips to never stay out of fashion.

Interviews 🎙

Bloggers, influencers, instagramers and tailors are my references and who I usually follow. Being able to interview them is a great experience to learn from those who know.

Reflexions 😎

Fashion is not just choosing a garment, but also involves a whole series of questions to know why and what we wear

Contribute ✅

The Internet is a great source of knowledge, why not contribute one too? The network is a great community where you can share and rethink life and fashion.

Do you have a blog or brand about mens fashion? Do you want to share your vision?