4 ways to style white trainers

If you follow me on social networks, you have seen my last photo session with white adidas trainers, suit and the atlantis style box by tie supply. Today I bring you four ways to dress with white trainers.

4 ways to style white trainers

The informality in formal attire is a factor that has impacted the way we dress in the office or to go for a walk. White trainers are a basic in the wardrobe and being able to wear them beyond a sports outfit is a success. Let’s see 4 ways to use them and stay fashionable.

White traines by Adidas and the Atlantis Style Box by Tie Supply
Khaki trousers:

Khaki trousers are perfect to wear with white sneakers. We can combine it with a shirt and a sweater to complete the combo.

white trainers
Photo by Eugenio Baez
Blue jeans:

We continue this selection with a pair of blue jeans to diversify our outfit with white sneakers. We can accompany it with a t-shirt, shirt or a sweater with a turtleneck.

Photo by Iván Martinez
Black jeans:

Now we opted for black jeans to give more relevance to the white trainers. We can accompany the rest of the garments with gray tones.

white trainers
Photo by Richard SKR
Business casual outfit:

Finally, we think of something more relaxed for the office and white sneakers are perfect for us to give it that informality. Of course, the trouser must be formal and, we can choose a different jacket to complete a more casual look.

Photo by Carlos Galluzzo

As you can see, combining white sneakers is very simple and works for all kinds of outfits. They are very versatile, forget about dressing them just to go to training.

Do you have other idea to wear with white trainers? Leave in the comments.

Photos Instagram by Eugenio Baez, Iván Martinez, Richard SKR y Carlos Galluzzo

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