White T Shirt: How to wear and combine

Everybody have a white t shirt in our wardrobe. Its so versatile and you can dress since a jeans and a suit. Heres some tips for combine correctly.

White T Shirt: How to wear and combine

We are in autum and the days are a little hot yet. A white t shirt is a great option in these days, long or short sleeves. You can dress with a suit or jeans and dress perfect for ant occasion. Let me show you.

Jeans and shirt:

This combination is perfect for these days when temperatures stay high in the day but drop a bit at night. You can use a flannel or denim shirt.

white t shirt
Photo by Daniel Robinson

The suit can be dressed with a white t shirt too. A navy blue its perfect with white trainers.

Photo by Blake Scott
Just trouser

The next option is dress with dress trousers. It can be of the suit or other trouser with a loafers or a boots too.

white t shirt
Photo by Joseph Magnanti
Jeans and denim or bomber jacket:

This is the way more informal like the first. Combine with differents tones. The boots will be a great option or a trainers too.

Photo by Tyler Luellen


This is the perfect combination when “the winter is coming”. The overcoat bring you some formal in the informal. A boots is an option, but you can choice trainers for a complete informal outfit.

white t shirt
Photo by Olimpio

¿Do you have other ideas?, leave in the comments!

Photos Instagram by Daniel Robinson, Blake Scott, Joseph Magnanti, Tyler Luellen & Olimpio

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