Wear black: ¿How to dress correctly?

The black is the perfect color for everybody: tall, short, young or old men. But to dressing correctly is an aspect that not everyone knows. Wear black correctly with these tips.

Wear black: ¿How to dress black correctly?

Black is a great color, but you must to learn some aspect to dress it correctly.

Buy quality garments:

If you buy a quality black garments, It will lose its color over a longer time range. You wear black garments in many occasions and if the garment is of poor quality, it will lose color more quickly and it will look like an escalation of gray and not as we expect.

Photo by Blake Scott
Combine different textures:

If you dress a total dark outfit with the same texture, you will look bored. Play with differents garments: t-shirt and black denim with leather jacket or a blazer. Try also a shirt with a dress pant.

wear black
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Dont wear your black suit separately:

Its normal to wear your trouser and jacket separately, but its a mistake too. ¿Why?, because you will notice the wear between both garments.

wear black
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Combine different tones:

If you dress with differents textures, you will dress with differents tones too. You can dress with a grey shirt, jacket or trouser. Your outfit will always look better and different.

Photo by Blake Scott

The dark tones is for autumn or winter you know. If you live now in the north is the perfect season to dress black. But if you live in the south you can dress this color in the nigth in the spring/summer season.

wear black
Photo by Daniel Robinson

When you buy any garments you have the instructions to wash and iron. The black color is very delicate. Try to wash every 3 or 4 uses, dont wash everytime because this will lose its color. When you wash it put a short program for delicate clothes. Use a special soap for black clothes. Do not use the spin.


This is the perfect occasion to use your accessories like bracelets or watches in gold or silver. You can dress with brown boats, black trainers with white soles, a jacket or hoodie in other colors.

Photo by Daniel Robinson

As you see, with all these tips you will look incredible and different all your black clothes.

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