¿What Types of waistcoat exist?

The waistcoat increase your style, but ¿do you know how many and styles exist?. Heres the answer. Looks your waistcoat with properly

¿What Types of waistcoat exist?

The waistcoat have been gaining ground in recent times, you have them own suits or external to it. Anyway, it is a dress that you should not miss to look like a true gentleman.

But what types of waistcoat can you find ?, specifically three types that I explain.

Three-piece suit:

This is the one that comes when you buy a 3 suit piece. It comes with the same format as the jacket and pants, so you will not have to think about combining it as we will see in the following cases. It is normal to use it at weddings, but you can choose to use it on more informal occasions or even at work. What should be emphasized is to use it strictly with shoes, not with trainers/ sneakers as is usually seen with a two-piece suit in more informal areas (¿Can trainers be used? Yes, if it is a simple two-piece suit. If you use trainers the color of these should complement the suit correctly, ex. if you wear a navy suit, the color of the sneakers must be the same. I leave the link of The last Tie Talk last by Daniel Robinson where he explains about it).


3 suit piece white by Daniel Robinson – Dont forget to visit The Tie Supply web site and read again my article about style box

In this first option you have the perfects suits you must have: navy, white, black and gray.

Own waistcoat:

This case is similar to the previous one, but the difference is that the should only be combined with the jacket. That is to say that at the time of purchase we must look for the two mentioned garments to coincide. The shoes allways will be an unavoidable complement for this occasion.


Own waistcoat double breasted by Sergio Tarjuelo

Improper waistcoat:

Here is another song. The waistcoat format does not combine with the pants or the jacket, so we must be careful not to clash with the suit. This is a riskier strategy but not impossible. Moreover, today many stores offer a special line of vests of different designs.

Improper waistcoat by Sergio Tarjuelo

More data:

In addition to the combination with the suit, we must also be attentive to the design: basic 4 or 5 buttons, asymmetric, double breasted 3 buttons (like a jacket), mandarin and u-neck (the last only for a tuxedo).

Blue 3 suit piece by Daniel Robinson


The waistcoat must end at the waist Adrián Seligra

We must also take into account some tips:

The bottom button of the vest as well as the jacket, as always, must be unbuttoned

The waistcoat must end at the waist

The shoes both the trainers (in two-piece suits), as we said before, must match the suit.

Always wear socks

Mandarin waistcoat by Adrián Seligra

As you can see, wearing a waistcoat is always a great choice as long as we do it correctly.

Do you have any more advice regarding this? Leave it in the comments.

Blue Suit with improper vest by Daniel Robinson

Images Daniel RobinsonAdrián SeligraSergio Tarjuelo

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