Improve your style with the Tie Supply Braces

If there is something that the brand founded by Daniel Robinson has, it is the search to differentiate itself from the rest and mark its own style. Upgrade your style with the Tie Supply Braces.

Improve your style with the Tie Supply Braces

A few years ago, braces began to gain ground in every gentleman’s wardrobe. There are those that are fastened with clips and those that are attached to the buttons on the inside waist of the pants. Most opt ​​for the latter, but the former are still an option.

The braces with clips can be used with any type of pants: dress, denim or chinos. Which gives us more options.

tie supply braces

In addition, the suspender offer greater style than traditional belts.

How it is composed suspenders line?

Tie Supply suspenders are different from those that we can see in some other brands, they have 6 clips emulating traditional button suspenders. This is the big difference from the clip braces that we see from other brands with three clips.

The first edition of this great line was to accompany the current style boxes that you can buy in the online store: Liberty, Empire and Atlantis.

A perfect combination for fans of this British brand.

The second edition includes new versions for the Liberty and Atlantis. As well as an exclusive pack of 3 new designs: Paisley, Diamond and Criss Cross Bold.

tie supply braces

In addition, they are at an accessible price for everyone and deliver worldwide.

What can you combine these suspenders with?

You can combine them with all kinds of garments: t-shirts, shirts, dress pants, chinos, denim. Without forgetting to combine with the tie and the pocketsquare.

tie supply braces

It is an ideal accessory for a formal and informal style and you will not go unnoticed when dressing them.

Photos by the photographer Adrian Fiuri

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