¿Is the tie just a formal accessory?

It is normal to believe that the tie is just a formal accessory, but this is not the case. We can use it in formal and informal settings.

¿Is the tie just a formal accessory?

The tie is an accessory that we are supposed to only use in formal situations or events. Although casual Friday has gained many followers, the truth is that wearing a tie takes you to another level and the perception of the environment is different and very positive.

We can find several levels where the tie will never be too much.


This is the basic and classic, the suit is a perfect dress to wear a tie. But how can we give it a more informal touch? Wearing a jacket and trouser different in color and texture. We can look for ties with more striking and colorful designs than the usual lines or a single color.

formal accessorie
Photo by Matt Horner

In this case we keep the suit jacket but change the pants for some khaki chinos for example. I recommend looking for a tie that is not so flashy in this case due to the variety of tones among the aforementioned garments.

Photo by Daniel Robinson
Denim trouser:

We apply the same concept but we can even wear a biker or denim jacket to give it more informality too. We use a tie with the same indications as in the previous case.

formal accessorie
Photo by Slater Menswear
No jacket

We can also leave the jacket at home and go to the office with the tie as the center of attention. You can wear any type of trouser. We can even choose ties with flashy designs.

formal accessorie
Photo by Chris Burns

Do you know another way to wear a tie casually? Leave your idea in the comments.

Photos Instagram by Daniel Robinson, Chris Burns, Matt Horner & Slater Menswear

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