Tie clip: How to use and tips

The tie clip or tie bar is other important accessorie to complete your outfit. Models, styles and correct ways to use youll find in this article.

Tie clip: How to use and tips

The priority of this accessorie is to keep the tie in place, nothing new. You have to know how to use it but not just for keep the tie. Let me explain some points.

Keep the tie:

As I said previously, we use it for keep the tie in his place. You put the clip between the 3er and 4th button of the shirt. But not just keep, even lift a little the tie. You must hook the tie whit the shirt.

tie clip
Photo by Daniel Robinson dressing a tie clip from Clip Off Tie Stay

The length of this accessorie depend of the length of your tie. If you have a skinny tie, you should use a short clip. If you have a wide tie, it must be longer. the clip should cover half plus a little more of the extension of the tie.

Photo by The Tie Bar
Waiscoat or Double Breasted Jacket:

If you dress a waistcoat or a double breasted jacket isnt neccesary use it because it will be cover. It isnt neccesary.

tie clip
Photo by Kelvin Lopes

When I talk about character, I talk about desing and colors. You can play with many formats, always complementing with your outfit and the meeting. If you go to a business meeting dont use a bold desing like an arrow.

Photo by Iván Martinez

You can dress it with a suit, sport jacket, denim jacket or bomber jacket.

Do you have other tips? Leave in the comments!

Photos Instagram Daniel Robinson, The Tie Bar, Kelvin Lopes & Iván Martinez

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