Three-piece suit: a must in your wardrobe

A three-piece suit enhances your style and makes a difference. It is the duty of every gentleman to have one in his wardrobe.

Three-piece suit: a must in your wardrobe

Last week I talked about the types of waistcoat and made mention of the three piece suit. Today we will go into detail in these suits.

Last week we indicated three piece suit keys: navy, white, black and gray. We can also add the prince of Wales on the gray scale.

Navy three piece suit:

three-piece suit

Navy three piece suit by Fali Romero

This is one of the ones we exhibited last week. Navy or blue is one of the classics you should have. It is ideal for weddings and you can give it an informal touch using moccasins.

White three piece suit:

This is also indicated to attend a wedding. The key is to combine it strictly with light colors, you never appeal to a dark shirt. A light blue shirt perfectly accompanies this outfit.

three-piece suit

White three piece suit by Carlos Dominguez

Black three piece suit:

This color is the indicator to use a three piece suit in a work environment. Of course, you must keep the vest in the same color and not use accessories too flashy to look perfect in the office or a business meeting.


Black three piece suit by Daniel Robinson

Gray three piece suit:

This version is suitable for going to more informal places. Elegant, versatile and the gray range suits any type of height. A light shirt, as in white, will be the best option combined with brown shoes. If you want to apply some originality, try shapes or details on the accessories. The color of the shirt should never stand out over gray tones.

Grey three piece suit by Aitor Novoa

The prince of Wales also enters this scale.

Prince of Wales by Daniel Zaccone

As you can see, each color goes according to a specific occasion: navy or white for a wedding, black for work and gray for more informal meetings. Following these patterns you will succeed perfectly with your three-piece suit. Besides that it is a suit that you should always have in your closet for when the occasion warrants.

You also have other formats of the three-piece suits to take into account the 4 main ones.

Three piece suit with stripes by Carlo Chiocchio

Three piece plaid suit by The Suited Traveller

Three piece suit in light blue plaid by Daniel Robinson

And finally we remind you some tips:

Both the last button of the waistcoat and the jacket should not be fastened

The waistcoat must reach the waist

Never wear a belt with the vest

Don’t forget to put on socks

Do you know any other type of three-piece suit? Leave it in the comments.

Photos instagram: Fali RomeroCarlos DominguezDaniel Robinson Daniele Zaccone The Suited Traveller Carlo Chiocchio y Aitor Novoa

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