Three options to dress in an interview

When you think about how to dress for an interview, many questions arise. This is an important decision to be dressed correctly.

Three options to dress in an interview

An interview is a key moment in any type of profession. It is the first contact we have with a member of the company and we must be prepared to obtain a yes.

Although casual attire has been gaining traction beyond Friday, an interview should always have some seriousness about attire. Therefore, we can find three types of clothing according to the level of formality of the interview.

Two-piece suit

Dressing in a suit that fits perfectly is one way to show respect for yourself and the interviewer.
The classic two-piece suit never fails and we all have one in our closet. You can chooie in blue or gray tones, a black does not look very good in this situation.
The shirt can be light blue or white combining with a tie and pocket square that makes the due contrast with the suit.
This option is ideal for more operational positions such as a cashier or customer service position.

Photo by Daniel Robinson

Three-piece suit

Like the previous one, this one must fit perfectly to our physiognomy. You should pay attention to the waistcoat combination. This may be because it is part of the suit or it may be external to it. In a previous article we already talked about it.

This option is perfect for when we attend a more professional candidacy such as a lawyer, accountant, economist or journalist. Although you can also use the previous alternative if you do not have this type of suit. You can add a pocket square too.

Photo by Louis Geramita
Smart casual

The last option is a more relaxed outfit, we put aside the suit and tie. Not for this we will lose elegance. In this case we opted for jeans with a jacket and a shirt that could have patterns or use the same one that we would wear with a suit. Even, you can add a pocket square to give it a bit of elegance.

This type of attire is not for a professional interview, it is for a job as a salesman or cashier at any store that does not require a strict dress code as it could be a bank.

Photo by George LaBoda

Finally, don’t forget to choose the perfect footwear. In the first two it is mandatory that you wear shoes, but in the last you can choose a pair of trainers.

Which of those three options is your favorite? Do you have any other tips? Leave it in the comments.

Photos Instagram by Daniel Robinson, Louis Geramita & George LaBoda

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