The tie is not dead

¿Is the tie dead?. I dont think so, because is the perfect accessories for every occasion and it will never go out of style.

The tie is not dead

The tie is not dead, it will continue to be a complement that every gentleman should have and not just for a wedding.

With the “casual friday” in many companies, it has been moving to a large part of the week. Millennials are also part of this modality with a new way of seeing the job where offices do not exist, in the world of computers and can work from anywhere.

The tie as we know it today was designed by the american Jesse Langsdorf who patented the way in which it is currently performed under the name of “Resilio”. Langsdorf made a way to cut the tie with the least possible waste, and the solution was to draw an angle of 45 degrees on the path of the drawing. In addition, the silk was not cut in one piece, but in three, which were then sewn in another process. *

The tie has always been a synonym for elegance for the gentleman in all areas where formal dress is required. The most casual dress (shirt and jacket without a tie) seems to be gaining ground in many situations, but the boom that this accessory is experiencing in young people and other established brands gives us that will keep the tie as the favorite accessory for every gentleman.

the tie

Daniel Robinson with tie by Carlo Chiocchio

Fresh ideas around ties have arrived and we can see all kinds: traditional, slim, woven, with flowers, etc. The prints have gained ground and added to the use of the pocketsquare we have a perfect combo as you can find in the Style Box.

It is indispensable for certain moments of life such as a job interview, a business lunch or dinner, a couple dinner, a social event and a wedding.

the tie

Diego León with tie by The Dark Knot

Job interview:

This is a moment where our presence must show all possible seriousness and I do not see it if you simply go shirt. Especially if it is a professional interview. Remember that “the first impression is what counts”. If it is an interview for a non-professional position such as a coffe or a supermarket, it will not be necessary to use it.

the tie

Ravi Dapper Rav with tie by Silvio Fiorello

Business lunch or dinner:

Here the dress protocol is non-negotiable. If you want to do business you should bring your best cover letter: a good idea and a look according to the situation. Remember to consider to whether it is day or night to adapt your outfit perfectly.

Niccolò Cesari with tie by Silvio Fiorello

Dinner as a couple:

Here maybe we can give it a more casual touch but at a dinner with our couple we should always be dressed to surprise and fall in love even more. The tie will not be necesary, but we must consider which place we are going to have dinner so as not to go with an inappropriate look. If you are not wearing a tie in your day to day, in a romantic dinner you will leave your couple surprised if you present yourself as a gentleman, shirt and tie the best choice.

Daniel Robinson with the tie of Liberty Box by Tie Supply

Social event:

In this case we must consider what type of event we are referring to and what will be the appropriate dress code: an event of the company where you work or at an embassy. If applicable, always try to go with a tie because it brings greater elegance and we will leave the best impression to everyone around us. In addition, if we attend an event in search of new opportunities, wearing a tie with its accessories will be the best cover letter.

the tie

Bilal Naeem with tie by Tie Supply


Well in this situation the tie is a “must”. Everyone, from the groom to the guests, will wear the necessary accessories to look like a gentleman. The three-piece suits are usually the most used with his pocketsquare and cufflinks.

Luis Miguel Otero with tie by Lattie Sevilla

As you can see the tie has not died and it will still be a duty of every gentleman to have a few in his wardrobe. You also have many designs and styles that will suit your personality, whether you are young or a middle-aged adult, leaving everyone around you surprised.

And what other events do you think you should wear if or if you tie? Leave it in the comments.


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