Suited fit: skinny, slim and tailored

¿How many types of suit are there? Theres three types of suited fit: skinny, slim and tailored. The perfect size for every type o men.

Suited fit: skinny, slim and tailored

There are many types of mens and the best way to have the perfect suit is go to a tailor. But actually the stores offers three types of suit according to your body type. We dont talk about a tailor.

Skinny suit:

This is the best suit to dress smart and for slimmer figure. Lapels and pocket tab are narrower. The shoulder is fitted and it doesnt have excess fabric at waist.  The trousser is very tapered to the leg and it break just above the shoe.

suit fits
Photo by Daniel Robinson
Slim fit: 

It is closely fitted to the body, both for the jacket and the trousser. But it has a small amount of excess fabric to create a sharp look. The lapel is wider than the previous. Its perfect if youre thin like me.

Photo by Bilal Naeem
Tailored fit:

Tailored fit is the classic and timeless style of suit for every men. This type works better in mens with 40”+ chest. It fitteds in the shoulders, the sleeves are tappered and nipped in at the waist. It has full trousser and it breaks at top of the shoe.

suit fits
Photo by The Masker

¿Whats your type of suit? Leave in the comments!

Photos by Daniel Robinson, Bilal Naeem & The Masker

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