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¿Why do I choice the style boxes by Tie Supply?

If you follow me on my social networks you know my love for the style boxes by this amazing mens wear brand called Tie Supply, But… ¿Why?.

¿Why do I choice the style boxes by Tie Supply?

When you buy some garment or accessories in stores in your city or online you find something that suits your style. Thats I found with the style boxes by Tie Supply, but not only that.

Let me explain about the style boxes:

First, his owner Daniel Robinson. I discovered his profile and his BIG SMALL BUSINESS. I think one of the best thing what happened to me in this year. You can read or read again his amazing interview talking about his business and why does he started his own brand.

style boxes

Second, the products. If you have the style box (If you don’t have it, I don’t know what you’re waiting for) you know the quality of each accessory: tie, pocket square, tie clip, socket, lapel pin, cufflinks and bracelet. Its amazing to see the details and the perfect combination in both boxes, the Liberty Style Box & Empire Style Box.

Third, the impact in your style. You can dress with a lot of accessories purchased separately but it inst the same. You should to think how to combine the tie with the pocket square if you find the accessories in the same store. The style boxes has all the accessories combined to perfection and at an excellent price.

Four, if you live in Latin America this accessories you doenst find in any store.

style boxes

Even you have others accessories in the Tie Supply Store like armbands, pocket square and braces.

Actually He is working in two style boxes, one for men and for women. Its amazing to see how growth his business.

Iam ambassador of this marvelous british menswear brand, if you apply my code Adrian10 youll have a 10%OFF in your order.

style boxes

A special thanks to the photographer Adrian Fiuri for the photos in various locations in the city of Mendoza

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