Style Box: All that a gentleman needs

Do you hear about style box before? In a little box you all the accessories for dress correctly and Fashionable.

Style Box: All that a gentleman needs

Be “fashionable” today is very easy thanks to the “Style Box”, a small box that contains everything all that gentleman needs for this season.

Forget about going to a store or a shopping mall to see what is going on for this season, thanks to the Style Box you will have everything you need to go to the office or in an event.

The Style Boxes contain all the necessary accessories: tie, socks, bracelet, cufflinks, watches, creams, etc.

The most attractive of all this is that they are at affordable prices for any man around the world.

Why would it be good if you acquired one of them ?:

Forget about thinking about combining the tie with the pocket square or sock, since the pack is armed so that it doesn’t catch your outfit

If you need a watch or bracelet dont worry, each box brings its respective. Remember that every gentleman should always wear his watch and bracelet

Other accessories included are the tie clips and the lapel pin

They have annual subscriptions, so every month you will have your Style Box at home

For this and much more, you should not hesitate to get one of them.

Which ones can I recommend?

The world of Style Boxes is full of brands but I share the ones that I think meet the expectations very well.

The Tie Supply

This brand of recent creation comes from the United Kingdom and was create by Daniel Robinson who already has two packs. If you do not follow it yet, I invite you to do so since it has a promising future and will be one of the great references.

He currently has The Liberty and The Empire Style Box. In addition, it also features watches and armbands

style box

An interesting detail is the “Tie Talks” that Daniel performs every Sunday at 2 PM in the UK on Instagram and then loads them on his Fan Page, in which he gives us many tips. In addition to having his blog on the web.

Me, My Suit and Tie

This is another of the brands that I recommend, it has been in the sector for several years and also comes from the United Kingdom (not for nothing Savile Row is in London). In addition to the packs you can also buy the products separately.

The strength of MMST are the subscriptions, among some of the Style Boxes that we can find you have The AviatorThe Dark Saphire or The Azure Style Box.

style box

They have a YouTube channel that has many tips, in addition to that they also have their blog to know all the tips for the gentleman.


With this brand we cross the ocean and we are located in New York where this company is based. As above, you have the option to subscribe and receive your Style Box every month or buy items separately.

Like MMST, he has been in the sector for years and his products are references in the Big Apple.

Sprezzabox has come out in such important media as GQ, The Wall Street Journal and Esquire.

These are the 3 that I recommend, do you know any more? Leave in the comments for future posts.

Images from Tie Supply UKMe My Suit and Tie y Sprezzabox

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