“I think we have created a stamp around the world”​, by Sergio Tarjuelo

If there is someone who stands out in the field of Spanish tailoring, it is Sergio Tarjuelo, founder of ST Tailoring. Sergio has a lot of experience and has managed to leave his personal stamp where he has been.

“I think we have created a stamp around the world”​, by Sergio Tarjuelo

For those who are aware of tailoring around the world, Sergio Tarjuelo is not just another name. His art when making a unique suit for each client, as well as being deserving of the “European Award for Business Management and Innovation” (2018) or the “Golden Thimble” (2015) have earned him a name in the sector .

Your posts on your social profiles are just one example of what you can do for every person who has the wise decision to go to your ST Tailoring firm.

sergio tarjuelo

Doing a little history of the tailor:

Adrián Guzmán – In an interview you gave to Carlos Suarez, you commented that you grew up within a family business dedicated to making shirts. What was it like growing up within a family dedicated to such a popular garment?

Sergio Tarjuelo – There is no better place to learn than a factory where craftsmanship combines with production. If that factory is in your country, in your town and your family, friends and well-known people work, everything is easier. I owe Repunte a lot.

AG – According to your Linkedin profile, you have studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, did you study administration because it would be an important part to be able to form your own tailoring in the future – as is the case of SJ Tailoring – or for being A career that you can apply to many sectors ?, even a small business.

ST – I studied ADE because, above all, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Before dedicating myself to tailoring, I had other different businesses, especially with my brother in the educational sector.

sergio tarjuelo

AG – You have worked for several tailors or stores such as Repunte, Grupo Fields and Makadonien. What has each experience left you personally and professionally?

ST – There is no good or bad experience, you always get something positive or something that makes you stronger. The path I had to follow was clear: factory, smallest store and store with the largest presence in the country, so I did it and it helped me learn from all of them.

The environment of tailoring in Spain

AG – The tailor shop is not a place to go to, as a store can usually be for the prices, how do you do from ST to make going to a tailor shop more attractive than going to a store?

ST – Especially giving service, when you go to a store everything is colder, here is a more personal relationship, customer service, you establish a relationship in which you know what your customer always wants, you know how to adapt to their needs.

AG – From your experience, is it expensive to start a tailor shop or store? How long does it take to start seeing the first earnings?

ST – A shop with ready-to-wear clothes if it is expensive, in Spain is usually around 60,000 euros, at least, so until the second / third year you do not see any benefits. A tailor itself, does not require as much investment since it is not necessary to get stock, so in the first year you can see profits.

sergio tarjuelo

AG – Given the increase in regular stores where you buy a suit already established by sizes that begin to offer personalized suits or Su Misura (you choose the color, lapels and others based on one established without being handmade and not tailored to the customer). Does this represent a competition for tailors?

ST – The customer today already knows all the differences that exist, so I think there is a market for everyone, and this type of service means that we have to try harder if possible, giving higher quality at a lower price.

AG – Is there a strong competition among tailors or is it a more friendly and collaborative environment?

ST – The truth is that today I have had no problem with anyone, if this is what you really like, and it is your passion, we are only people who share the same tastes.

Social networks and their functionality in the sector:

AG – Social networks are a strong point for people and companies dedicated to fashion, how has it helped you position yourself professionally? Have you had the expected results?

ST- I have to admit that every day I put less attention to social networks, at first they helped me a lot to make myself known, but every day I spend less time.

AG – How much time do you spend from ST Tailoring on social networks and generating content? The latter either for your site or for other websites.

ST – As I said before, very little and monetarily zero euros. I am very focused on giving a quality service and that he does the rest by word of mouth.

AG – Do you consider working on social networks important to position the firm?

ST – It is clear that attracting an audience is important, but if you attract a new audience and there is no second purchase, it is useless. Service is more important.

Technology in artisan tailoring:

AG – Are you planning to apply online services to take measures through video calls or forms with all the necessary measures, as some firms do to reach the whole world?

ST – In no case, a very important part is taking measurements, and things like shoulder drop, rotations … have to be done on site. Another thing is that once I have the measurements you can order it online, I will work on it later.

AG – Tailoring is artisanal, of course, have new technologies in some processes helped accelerate clothing without industrializing the final product?

ST – It has helped to reduce prices and make the tailored suit available to everyone.

Tailors in Spain and the world:

AG – How would you rate the Spanish tailoring? Do you think it leaves its mark and sets itself apart from the rest?

ST – I think we have created a stamp around the world, we have been able to take all the good things from England and Italy and give it our touch. We lack modernization, but we are on the way.

AG – Between the English and Italian styles, which one do you feel most identified with?

ST – Undoubtedly, with English, I like armed suits more, I prefer their fabrics … but it is true that fashion goes more and more towards the Italian style, soft blazers, Neapolitan sleeves …

AG – What was it like to participate in Pitti Uomo? Do you plan to return in an upcoming edition on behalf of ST?

ST – This year I will definitely be there, it is an experience to be lived.

AG – What other tailors, whether Spanish or foreign, do you have as references?

ST – I keep the Spanish product, and I think that Serna, for me, is a benchmark.

AG – If you had to put together a top 5 countries based on their tailoring, how would you put it together?

ST –






AG – Lastly, what would you tell readers to buy their tailored suit at ST Tailoring?

ST – The shopping experience is unmatched, and we don’t finish until satisfaction is 100%.

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