¿How to deal with the return to September and covid 19?

September is in the order corner and the return to the job is coming, but with the covid 19 yet in our memories. ¿How to deal with that?.

How to deal with the return to September and covid 19

This 2020 has been so strange since the beginning because the pandemia around the world. The jobs life has changed and our house was our office, thats weird sometime. With the acquired experience, we can return to work stronger.

Improve your workspace:

You have the desk, computer, mobile, internet conection… What else is missing?, maybe some plant, the desk near to a window and far of any other distraction like the tv. If you can, buy an espresso coffee machine or some simple machine for the coffee because it help us stay active. ¿How other thing do you think to improve your workspace?.

If you return to your normal office respect the new condition: use your mask and keep distance.

Photo by Iván Martinez
Stay positive:

I know, the return to the work after the vacations is too hard. But its good to have a job right?. The world is different and we should adapt with more confident than never. Wake up the morning as you did usually: take a shower, your breakfast and go to your job positively.

Photo by Joe Magnanti
Renew your wardrobe:

There´s nothing better to return to the office than with news outfits. There´s many web sites that offer a lot of option with interesting prices: shirts, ties, trousers, jacket and more. Just you can find, I have some recomendations: Tie Supply, Hawes & Curtis, Me My Suit and Tie or Fleet London. You dont need to much money for go as a new man to your job in house or office.

Photo by Daniel Robinson with shirt by Fleet London
Positive mind:

Yes, maybe I repeat one of the previous points, but this is different. When I told you about positive mind, I talk about find or keep that activities you can do it in house or other places where respect the new conditions for stay safe. I talked already about the exercises you can practice in house. The meditation is a great way for keep our mind free from fear or worry. Play videos games, listen music or start some project you leave it before. Find something that make you happy.

Photo by Renato Hamburgo
Resolve your problems:

This is a great moment for take your life and say: ¿what can I modificate or keep?. ¿What gives meaning to my life?. ¿What makes my life more difficult?. With a clear and relaxed mind we can better see the panorama and improve our life.

¿Which other things you do it for start the routine with full energy? Leave in the coments!

Photos Instagram by Daniel Robinson, Joe Magnanti, Renato Hamburgo & Iván Martinez

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