Quarantine and bloggers: An opportunity to improve our appearance

The quarantine may have something positive if we look around. This time we have can be used to improve our appearance by reading bloggers dedicated to men’s fashion.

Quarantine and bloggers: An opportunity to improve our appearance

There are many bloggers, for sure, just like me you have your top bloggers. Those who follow and enjoy the content they provide day by day in this quarantine. Here I will share some of my favorites.

Daniel Robinson & Tie Supply:

If you follow my blog and my publications on social networks you will already know it. Daniel is a young entrepreneur from UK who created his own company called Tie Supply a few months ago that offers all kinds of accessories for today’s gentleman, of which I am a happy customer. But it is not just your brand but the content it generates on your different social profiles. If you follow the Instagram of your brand you will know the Tie Talk on sunday (2PM UK 3PM IS 10AM ARG), the HIIT Session (Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 11AM UK 12PM ES 7AM ARG) and the Lets Talk (Tuesday and Thursday – 11AM UK 12PM IS 7AM ARG) during the week from his personal profile, and is so good for dont think in the quarantine. In addition to the articles published on his website. Fashion, tips, exercises and a lot of good vibes. If you want you can review the interview that I did a few months ago. “We are fashion for the body and support for the mind, a legacy for people”, a phrase that perfectly summarizes Daniel and his way of seeing life.


Photo by Daniel Robinson

Mr. Okn

Okan is an instagramer that I discovered not long ago and I loved it. Heis from Vienna and has his Instagram profile, of course, and a YouTube channel. His publications are based on fashion, trends, personal care and others. If you want to know how to dress formally or casually, don’t hesitate to follow him.


Photo by Mr Okan

The Kavalier by Jon Shanahan

Jon put that name on his website because it is how you say gentleman in German. Like the previous ones, in The Kavalier you find all the necessary content to be fashionable: from suits, shirts, watches, shoes to personal care. Generate content from your website, Instagram and Youtube. As he says on his website “I want my audience to worry, like me, about being a gentleman, about how it benefits them and how it makes them feel, and the effect it has on others”. Great words to which I fully agree and that is reflected in every post he make. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Photo by The Kavalier

Modish Gent by Owen Read

This website is recently created but its content is of high value. His creator is Owen Read. He is Canadian and has a blog that will give a lot to talk and see in the coming months. They are not only fashion tips but also to see and feel like gentlemen. I love how he writes the articles because it reflects that personal view on the subject. “I have always believed in the expression that when you dress well, you feel good and that the confidence that a well-dressed person emanates shows much more than anyone can think”, a great statement to understand that dressing well is not a frivolous concept but a way of seeing life. In addition, it also has an Instagram profile, be sure to follow it.

Photo by Modish Gent

I have many bloggers and instagramers out of this publication and I will be sharing them in future posts. Do you know or have your blog about fashion? Leave me the link in the comments. I will be happy to share it.

Fotos Instagram: Daniel RobinsonMr OknThe Kavalier & Modish Gent

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