Quarantine and Bloggers 3: Learning more about mens style

Yes!, I dont forget this section “Quarantine and Bloggers 3”. Learning more about dress like a real gentleman with these gents: David Komisarchik, Ivan Martinez, George Laboda, Blake Scott & John by 40 Over Fashion.

Links to part 1 & part 2

Quarantine and Bloggers 3: Learning more about men style

David Komisarchik is the founder of Threadability, a site you should visit now. His site has a lot of tips for be an influencer with a camera and many ideas for do it, without forget all the proposal to dress so well. He share your passion to be a content creator on all his social network: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. “Our style become deeply personal and a reflection of who you are so my focus has shifted to defining my bold personal style and helping others do that as well”, a great quote.

quarantine and bloggers 3
Photo by David Komisarchik

Ivan Martinez is the founder I am Mr Martinez, like his name. He is a professional image speaker and He have all the experience when it comes to talking about menswear. Even He has worked for local magazines, also written pieces for other publications and worked with brands. You can find him on Instagram, Youtube (you can find content in spanish) & Facebook.

Photo by Iván Martinez

George & Blake are the founders of Gents Lounge. Their site have various years on internet and their dont talk just about menswear. They talk about tech, food, grooming and life style. All this content you can wacht on their profiles on Instagram, Youtube & Facebook.

quarantine and bloggers 3
Photo by Gents Lounge

John is the creator of 40 Over Fashion and Im feel identified because Iam going to forty in two years. When a man growth, he should to adapt his style and that is John share in every article or video on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.

Photo by John “40 over fashion”

As you can see, you have a lot of content to enjoy with this gents. Do you know others mens wear blogger should be part of this section, just let me know in the coments.

Photos Instagram by David Komisarchik, Iván Martinez, George Laboda, Blake Scott, Gents Lounge & John “40 over fashion”

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