Quarantine and bloggers 2: Never be out of fashion

Quarantine and bloggers 2 – There are a lot of site about menswear and the quarantine is a great moment for discover, but I choice in this second post the next: Joseph James, Preppy Gentleman, The Modest Man and Permanent Style London.

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Quarantine and bloggers 2 

Joseph James is a site I discover recently. The spirit of the web is so atractive and the leit motiv is a key. Joseph has lived and breathed the fashion world since youth, but he know is a hard sector for be an unique job. While hes studying a degree in economics but never forget his real passion, the menswear.

“I’ve prepared tips and fashion insight to help you become the best version of yourself”, all a declaration of intent for follow this site.

quarantine and bloggers 2
Foto by Joseph James

His site is the faithfull reflect of his knowledge about mens fashion and I know, his web will be a referent. Its just a beginning! Dont forget to follow him on Instagram too.

Preppy Gentleman is the web of Adam Blair. He has recently graduated in Marketing. His passion: menswear, specifically haberdashery, suits, and the overall world of smart and preppy fashion. Like many menswear bloggers, he was influenced by his father about the art of dress well. Thats magic because you can see how the mens fashion evolves and its trasmitted by generations.

Photo by Adam Blair – Preppy Gentleman

“Your style defines you as a person, thus it should be uniquely yours, and you should be constantly working on your style and improving it. My goal is not to tell you what your style should be, but to help you improve your own preppy/dapper/formal style, and educate you on certain aspects of this style of menswear”, a great declaration for a web site when find a lot of tips for never be out of fashion. Find them on Instagram.

If you like me find the best content about menswear you know about The Modest Man by Brocke McGoff. It is a site with a lot of history, many years working for offer a great content to his followers, and I am one of them.

“I believe that a man should dress for the occasion and always look his best. To look your best, your clothes need to fit, and they need to fit well”, the perfect summary for all that articles, posts on Instagram and videos on his Youtube Channel you can find.

Photo by Brock McGoff – The Modest Man

Its true, your clothes should fit perfectly with your body. If it is not, you looks so bad with any garments: suits, shirts, waitscoat or jeans. And every men has been this problem. For that reason, Brocke can help you.

If you are a short guy, like me, this site must be your referent.

A blogger can be born for find thats garments that he can find in the stores. Thats the history of Permanent Style London and his founder, Simon Crompton.

I feel very close with him because hes journalist too, but he has more experience than me. Thats the great reason that you can study this profession, you can apply to all topic.

Photo by Simon Crompton – Permanent Style London

His web isnt just about content, you can buy exclusive shirts, books about fashion, jackets, cardingans, etc. Its a web when you learn and buy at same time with the guarantee of being fashionable. And, of course find article about mens fashion and interviews.

On his Instagram you can find interviews and tips too.

I have a lot of blogger for share with you yet, but if you have your blog or know some blogger must figure just leave a comment.

Photos by Joseph James, Adam Blair, Brock McGoff & Simon Crompton

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