Focus on a positive mind

Yes, I know. This year was horrible, but try to find positive things that have happened to you. Focus on a positive mind to kick the bad vibes and go for your dreams.

Focus on a positive mind

This 2020 will be remembered as the worst year globally. The covid 19 stopped the plans and projects of many people. Particularly, I have many plans with my style boxes by Tie Supply and recently I found the opportunity for do it with the help of Adrian Fiuri, Iam so excited to show you the results soon.

¿What can I try to say when I told you about positive mind?:

First, wake up every morning with your favorite song in the alarm of your mobile. Its a great way to wake up with a smile: pop, hip hop, rock, etc.

Second, prepare a big cup of coffee or tea while you put music. Dont turn on the tv, I know you need to know whats happen but wait a while.

Third, take a shower.

Fourth, dress like you were going to the big bussines meeting you were waiting for. Something formal or informal, just dress to kill.

positive mind
Photo by Daniel Robinson
¿Is that all?:

No, its only for you put a big smile in your face before the big step. Now its time to talk about dreams. The dreams are to come true.

Take a pencil and papper and start to write about your projects, even if this years was against them. Do you want to create your own web site? Do you want to create an online store?. Everything you can think of. You have two months more for make it real and it’s long enough to still achieve it.

Photo by Giorgio Giangiulio

Take a time to create a plan, think about cost, about proffesionals you may need……. Set a time to complete each step. Dont worry if you need more time. Make a sketch of what it would be like. Think of all the possible obstacles and how you would solve them.

Take action:

Its time to take action to your plan and make it real NOW! It doesn’t matter if you are missing something, half or practically all. Just start.

Photo by Fernández Prats Sastrería

A positive mind is a busy mind in a dream.

The 2020 doenst end and you can do great things yet.

Photos by Daniel Robinson, Fernández Prats Sastrería y Giorgio Giangiulio

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