¿How to wear a plaid shirt?

A plaid shirt is a classic in the wardrobe of every men. But theres some tips you should put attention to dress correctly in every occasion.

¿How to wear a plaid shirt?

You can dress a plaid shirt in many occassion: a dinner, meeting with friends or in the park. With chinos or dress trousers. The weather is one of the tips to choose the perfect shirt.

In this case, you should think in the season of the year. If youre in autumn or winter, the shirt fabric should be thick. You can wear a white t-shirt under the shirt. If you are in spring or summer, the shirt fabric should be thin. Even you can wear a t-shirt under too, but it should be thin too.

Types of plaid shirt:

Now you should think in the size of the plaids. The small plaids are perfect for an outfit with chinos if you go to a formal event. The big plaids are more informal, its perfect to combine with jeans. Dress a plaid shirt with two colors to avoid overloading your outfit.

plaid shirt
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The colors:

Thats the difference between a formal or informal outfit. If you want some formal dress with dark tones and combine with jeans or chinos.

Photo by Louis “Aspiring Gent”
the sleeves:

This is an important tip and, of course, depend of the season of the year. Its normal to dress with short sleeves in spring or summer with short, a classic outfit. Even you can dress a plaid shirt with long sleeves, but make sure to fold them correctly.

plaid shirt
Photo by Jon Shanahan “The Kavalier”
The jackets:

The last tip is about what type of jacket should you wear?. In spring/summer its perfect to dress with a denim jacket. Put attention in the color of your plaid shirt to chosse the color of the jacket. If your shirt has strong colors, wear a jacket in light colors. In winter you can dress a leather jacket with black skinny jeans. For a formal look you can dress with a jacket, even with a tie. And always combine the colors and tones correctly in every case.

Photo by Jon Shanahan “The Kavalier”

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