¿How to wear a pinstripe suit?

We are in the “back to school” and “back to office”. Every gentlemen wants to return like a king, and nothing better like a pinstripe suit.

¿How to wear a pinstripe suit?

We can find stripes in every accessories but in a suit is other thing. The pinstripe suit requies more attention but you have three ways that will never fail.

Classic look:

It is the classic way for dress it: white shirt, tie, pocket square and a pair of oxford for complete the outfit.

pinstripe suit
Photo by Daniel Robinson
Thinking in the winter:

The second option is the suit with a turtleneck. You can add a monochromatic pocket square if you want. The shoes should be brown.

Photo by Gennaro Annunziata
The informal outfit:

In the third case we return with a shirt, without tie and a black loafers. And in this opportunity we leave the pocket square in home if you want.

Photo by Ravi “Dapper Rav”

In each case you can add a watch, bracelet or lapel pin.

The suit can be two or three pieces and in blue tones preferably.

¿Do you know others combinations? Leave it in comments!.

Photos by Daniel Robinson, Gennaro Annunziatta & Ravi “Dapper Rav”

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