My favorite tie brands

The tie is the essential masculine accessory in every gentleman’s wardrobe. There are many tie brands, but we always have our favorites.

My favorite tie brands

I have already spoken several times about ties, but never from a personal point of view. If you follow me on social networks you will have a clue which are my favorites tie brands, if not stay here. You will surely agree with me in the election.

Tie Supply: The best men’s accessories brand in England

My fanaticism for this British brand is more than clear. The collection has three style boxes on the market. Not only are the ties, but all the other accessories that each one of them has: lapel pin, pocketsquares, socks, cufflinks, etc.

tie brands

In addition to the line of suspenders that accompanies each style box.

Summer brings many social events or weddings, a good opportunity to up your style with Tie Supply.

London York, a brand with its own stamp

This brand distinguishes itself from the rest because it pursues one goal: to bring its customers the opportunity to wear a wider tie knot. This thanks to the dimensions of the ties: Regular (which provides a substantial knot and plenty of length), and XL (which is Extra Long so that tall men 6’2 to 6’10 / 188cm to 208cm can make a substantial knot without having to tie their tie short or wear a waistcoat).

tie brands

Not forgetting the various designs suitable for all tastes.

The online store also has cufflinks, pocketsquare and shirts. Not forgetting to launch their own costume line, so stay tuned.

Diroma 1980: From Italy with love

The history of Diroma 1980 is romantic. Having parents who are dedicated to the textile sector can only have one result, that you want to have your own brand. This is how Angelo Balestra after finishing college decided to start his own path in another country, specifically in England, and create his own brand of accessories for men.

Every week he performs live on Instagram presenting the new ties and these are sold in hours. Which are designed in Italy.

It has a varied collection between modern and vintage designs. Without forgetting that it also has his line of suspenders and shirts.

And which of these brands would you choose? Leave it in the comments, we will read you.

Photos by Adrian Fiuri in Anna Bistró & Hotel Huentala

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