Light colors for the summer season

You say, “oh no summer, I cant dress up with this clima”. Youre wrong man!!. Just find light colors for dress this hot days.

Light colors for the summer season

¿Why the people in the desert dress with white clothes? Because this color reflects the sun light. No, dont worry. I dont say “only dressed in white”, like a bride. I just say these colors are more confortable for this season than darks colors.


Every man has a pink shirt in his wardrobe, even a trouser. The summer is the perfect time for use this color. But find a pink pastel or something like that, never a strong color.

light colors
Photo by The Masker


This color is a wildcard in any season. In summer find a light tone. A prince of Wales trouser can be perfect for combine with a white shirt.

Photo by Michael Grogan

Light blue:

Theres many tones of light blue and is color that combine with any other. A white, grey or pink jacket will be marvelous with a shirt.

Photo by Steve Tilly


You can use blue in your outfit too, but use it in a suit. Find a light tone.

Photo by Daniel Robinson


Well, its the perfect color for the summer as I said previous. It combine with any color and you can use in a shirt, jacket or suit too.

Photo by Magno Scavo

It is just a selection, theres more colors that you can use. If you use and combine these color you will never be out of fashion.

Do you know about others combination?, leave in the comments!

Photos Instagram by Daniel Robinson, Steve Tilly, Magno Scavo, Michael Grogan & The Masker

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