What kind of man are you according to the suits you wear?

The suit is one of the quintessential men’s garments, but not everyone wears it with the same frequency. Do you want to know what kind of man you are?

What kind of man are you according to the suits you wear?

Classifying the type of man according to how often he wears a suit can be summarized into three large groups. In turn, since not everyone dresses it the same, it is good to know what kind of suit to have in the closet to have it when necessary.

The man who never wears a suit

This first group includes those who rarely wear a suit. We can get to see him dress him only in events that require this dress code such as a wedding.

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Photo by Steve Tilly

The suit that they should have in their closet should be a blue or dark gray, since this tonality is very formal and for those events we cannot go with bright or very light colors. Unless the dress code requires it, such as a wedding in summer and perhaps during the day.

The man who occasionally wears a suit

This type of man does not mind wearing a suit and may wear it to look more elegant in the office. Also for a romantic dinner, a work event or a wedding.

Photo by Iván Martínez

Here we expand the collection to three with a blue, gray and khaki or brown suit. Some of the jackets can even have patch pockets for a more casual touch. Which also allows you to combine it with other pants such as a jean or chino.

The man who wears a suit for his work

Here we no longer talk about whether or not he likes to wear a suit, but rather it is part of the office dress code. Regardless of the type of job it is.

Here we are going to expand the quantity to five and we are going to take into account the fabric. For the four seasons we are going to choose a blue and gray suit and a one patterned as window frames.

kind of man
Photo by Daniel Robinson

For the summer season we can choose a khaki suit with patch pockets and for the autumn / winter season a gray flannel suit. In the latter, we could opt for a double-breasted jacket to give your outfit more variety.

The man who wears a suit out of passion

In the latter case there is not much advice that we can give, since he is a man who loves to wear a suit and has everything it takes to dress correctly.

The choice of each piece is calculated to the millimeter and has all the options of the season: A linen or float suit for summer and a flannel or tweed suit for winter.

kind of man
Photo by Romain “Sartorial Watch Maker”

We are talking about a true fan of men’s fashion.

And what kind of man are you? Do you think you should evolve one more step? Leave your experience in the comments.

Photos Instagram by Steve Tilly, Daniel Robinson, Iván Martinez & Romain “Sartorial Watch Maker”

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