Differences between jacket, sport jacket and blazer

Jacket, sport jacket or blazer. It seems that we are talking about the same garment but they have their differences and it is good to know them to know how to combine.

Differences between jacket, sport jacket and blazer

The jacket is not only a garment that is part of the suit or that we sometimes wear as a coat, it is an important part to complete our outfit. Although the suit jacket can be combined with chinos or jeans, there are other options such as the sport or the blazer to give our wardrobe more variety.


This is part of a suit. It is part of a two or three piece suit. These are of the same fabric and color as the rest of the garments, classic and solid colors. They can also use patterns like stripes, prince of Wales or plaid.

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Sport jacket

It is a separate garment and does not match any trouser. It receives this name because it was used on sports occasions and therefore it is more informal than the previous one. The textures are varied like houndstooth, they have no structure and the pockets are patch. It is the ideal for an informal occasion.

Photo by Nicola Cappiello


The first blazers were created for the “Lady Margaret” rowing club in Cambridge – England. Unlike the previous two, they use more striking fabrics and colors. They can be solid colors or striped. Not only that, but the buttons contrast with the fabric. They also usually include shields.

Photo by Niccoló Cesari

What are the differences?

After differentiating these garments we can mark the points that make them different:
  • A jacket is formal, a blazer is intermediate and the sport jacket is the most informal of the three.
  • The first has a pair of pants in play, while the other two do not
  • To wear separate you must pay attention to the fabric and structure
  • A shinier fabric with a structured body and shoulders will not work well with more casual pants like chinos or jeans.
  • Fabrics such as hopsack, linen or tweed are much more suitable to dress separately, especially if they have patch pockets or are not so structured

As you can see, If you have these three types of bags, it will give more versatility to your wardrobe.

Photos Instagram by Business Formal, Nicola Cappiello & Niccoló Cesari

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