“Learning doesn’t stop”, by Iván Martinez

A new interview has arrived to the site. I have the great opportunity to talk with Iván Martinez, founder of Iam Mr Martinez.

“Learning doesn’t stop”, by Iván Martinez

Adrián Guzmán – Viewing your web I saw you worked for many brands.¿How’s your beginning before all this success?

Iván Martinez –To be honest Ive always been into style I always say that being a Latino you always have to dress well, its just our nature. I started blogging in college, I had a good friend push me to do it because I was afraid to start.

AG – ¿Your love for fashion was transmitted to somebody in your family or was your own interest to look well?

IM –This all started with just me but my dad also loves fine tailoring (at least when he was younger) so I think that that rubbed off on me.

iván martinez

AG – You have many followers in social media, ¿whats your secret for growth?

IM –Ah man this is tough, but I got to say consistency and patience. Everyone wants to grow super fast and thats great but sometimes people forget that its a journey as well.

AG – The dream of every web site owner is to receive pay for publications, ¿how did you do it?

IM – I began to get offers for content when people started noticing me on IG or other social platforms. Sometimes I would be the one that would reach out too and would offer to do a publication even for no money.

AG- You have space for restaurants and coffee shops, ¿is it another passion?

IM – I love to eat and drink coffee but im no connoisseur.

AG – ¿What should somebody do to win space in menswear?

IM –I’d say find what your style is and own it, people want to be so much like others that they get lost in the weeds.

AG – ¿What difference do you find between when you create a youtube video and go to a conference? ¿Is the preparation the same in both cases?

IM –The biggest difference is audience, I dont have a crowd when I do a video for YT its just me and I can mess up all I want because I know I can always edit anything out. When it comes to conferences or speaking I have a crowd, and that can change where I go with any topic because I want to make sure I resonate with everyone there.

AG – ¿Who´s influencer you have as a reference?

IM – There is a lot of people but I will say that Justus Frederic Hansen is a reference for me his style is exactly how I do mine.

iván martinez

AG – ¿Do you think the influencer helps a lot with the news menswear brand around the world?

IM – I’m not sure that it does because people follow the people that have the same style as themselves so if those influencers dont change the other doesnt change either.

AG – ¿Do the pandemia affect your job as a speaker or can you resolve it with apps like zoom?

IM – As of right now I have put jobs for speaking on the side, even before this all started. I would say that if I started back up again I would do zoom for sure.

AG – ¿Why the dress codes become so flexible for job interviews? Even in the office. Particularly, when I was in an interview I am the only man with formal wear.

IM – I think with more millenials in higher positions we dont see the use for formal wear we are a very relaxed society now, even wearing a tie is weird in some places. I think that regardless of position one can never be over dressed for an interview and if a suit makes you more confident do that, but if a tee and jeans does the same then do that too.

AG – You wrote for magazines and publications, ¿do they contact you for your job or it was something that came naturally, as unexpected?

IM – To be honest it was something that came up out of no where I had the privilege to work with a local magazine for almost a year as a menswear writer. I just say that but putting in the work the opportunities will come.

iván martinez

AG – ¿How do you resume in a sentence all that you achieved?

IM – Learning doesn’t stop.

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