The impact of the covid 19 in the menswear fashion 2nd part with Samuel Naldi

We still finding the efects of the covid 19 in the menswear fashion in this second part. We interview with Samuel Naldi from Sartoria Amarcord.

The impact of the covid 19 in the menswear fashion 2nd part with Samuel Naldi

Samuel Naldi is co-founder and business develpoment in Sartoria Amarcord from Switzerland. In this tailor shop you can create your suit made-to-measure, even other accessories for complete your outfit. But the important is know how Amarcord went through this pandemic.

Adrián Guzmán – Did the pandemic have any impact on your business?
Samuel Naldi – The pandemic did had in impact in form of a general slow down of the business and of the fact that in this exact period people are not using elegant garments. Therefore the need for a Bespoke Suit has just been zero for the last months. 
AG – How do you think it could have impacted the sector in general?
SN – The fact that some companies have realized that Home Office actually works good, might lower the need for elegant garments. On the other side there are new opportunities, and people are realizing they want to be comfortable at home and look good even during home office.
AG –  If you have bought materials, products and other supplies for your business in recent months, this was severely affected by the closure of the borders or was maintained with some normality?
SN – We didn’t had problems with customs during this period.
AG – Changes from the new normality have affected the customer service?
SN – In this specific business it surely affected the business since we couldn’t meet new customer for measuring. On the other hand we had the chance to send fabrics to our current customer, and get orders in without the need of seeing them live. A Zoom or Facetime Meeting was enough to create a positive experience.
AG – How was the service maintained for foreign clients, from neighboring cities or other cities in the country?
SN – We work for 80% in the Swiss Market with our Tailored Suits Regarding customer around the world we have done the same with our swiss customers during this period. We sent the fabrics via DHL, with an hand written card, and then had a funny Meeting via Zoom or Facetime and selected the right fabric for the customer.
AG – Regarding tailoring, it has been seriously economically resentful due to the momentary closure of businesses?
SN – Indeed. It really has been a normal thing, that if people don’t have face to face meetings, the need for tailored suits or shirts goes down a lot.
AG – The tailoring is a service that is provided in person exclusively, do you think that what happened with the covid is a challenge to digitize the service like other tailoring websites currently do?
SN – It surely is, and as a tailoring company, this situation let us re-think a lot of things. Digitalization in our industry doesn’t happen in one night, but surely crisis period also bring new opportunity and new ways of working which might be way better than what we had been doing since now.
AG – If you used some app to serve your customers in the last months, have you found useful applications such as zoom or skype?
SN – Zoom has definitely been a good application to use.
AG – Do you think that European tailoring has been able to respond to circumstances?
SN- It is a very traditional sector, and i think that almost all tailoring ateliers or houses were not prepared. Just see what happened to Brooks Brothers. Therefore, this crisis is going to help us innovate in our way of doing and find new ways how to approach the customer, without loosing the Customer Experience.
Photos from Instagram Samuel Naldi and Sartoria Amarcord
You can find more information about Samuel in his Youtube Channel, discover his others business Style of Zug and Edelberg Official.

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