¿How to wear with a blazer?

A blazer is garment for any opportunity, even the one that comes with the suit. You can combine this or others that come separately with any shirt or trouser.

¿How to wear with a blazer?

You have 5 options to wear with other trouser, shirt, polo or t-shirt.

Blazer with jeans:

This is the choice for a look formal-informal and the best representation of the smart-casual outfit. You can wear or not a tie. Wear a black, navy or dark grey. Dont choice bright colours. The jeans should be a classic blue denim or black too.

Photo by Chris Burns
Blazer with chinos:

The chinos works fantastically. They give you a relax outfit. Wear ligth-coloured chinos such as beige or even white. Wear a casual shirt with a bold print as a focal point. Even a classic shirt and tie too.

Photo by Daniel Robinson
Blazer with a t-shirt:

This version can be seriously stylish. But, you must put attention in the fith, both garment should be slim-fitted perfectly. The trouser or jeans should be fitted too. Combine with classic colors as whit, black or navy blue.

Photo by Olimpio
Blazer with a turtle neck:

This is the best option for the coldest seasons. It brings sophistification. Wear deeps colors like black, grey, burgundy, forest green, or mustard.

Photo by Daniel Romasanta Rodriguez
Blazer with a polo shirt:

You want dress a little smarter, wear a polo. The collar elevates create a slightly more sophisticated look. Follow the same steps you’d take with a t-shirt.

Photo by Kaine Irvine

Dont forget to add any other accessories like a watch, bracelets, lapel pin, tie clip if you wear a tie or pocket square,

¿Do you have other options or ideas? Just let me know in the comments bellow.

Photos Instagram Chris Burns, Daniel Robinson, Olimpio, Daniel Romasanta Rodriguez & Kaine Irvine

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