¿How to wear a shacket?

Have you ever heard of a shacket? It is a garment that is between a shirt and a jacket, ideal for this time of year due to its lighter weight than a traditional jacket.

¿How to wear a shacket?

A shacket is a garment that, due to its manufacture, allows us to combine with formal and informal outfits. Perhaps in your work it is not usual to wear a suit and tie, in the spring we can still find the mornings a bit cold. With this jacket you can go warm enough not to be cold or hot. How can we combine it?

Shacket with a polo or t-shirt

This is the most informal option to wear one of these coats. In spring it is normal for us to wear a polo shirt or a t-shirt, so the shacket will help us keep warm when night comes.

Shacket with a shirt

Photo by Carlos Galluzzo
In this case we can stay in an intermediate between formal and informal. A shirt with a chinos or dress pants elevate your style with a little more formality.

Shacket with shirt and tie

Photo by Carlos Dominguez
Here we move on to something strictly formal but we can change the jacket for this garment, always looking for more solid colors and fabrics.
What other combinations can we find? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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