¿How to combine a blue suit monochromatically?

The blue suit is a classic in every gentleman’s wardrobe. It may be your favorite color and there are ways to keep your outfit monochrome.

¿How to combine a blue suit monochromatically?

I must confess that blue is my favorite color. You can combine it with various shades in any of the garments. But the idea of this article is to keep our blue suit as the main color and keep it in the rest of the outfit. Therefore, there are 5 ways to combine our blue suit.

Statement Tie:

In the first case, we will highlight the tie looking for a different color that stands out from the blue. We keep the shirt white so that the color of the tie is not lost.

blue suit
Photo by Daniel Robinson
Now we will focus on the fabrics of the garments. We can choose to apply to the shirt, tie or both. Always keeping the blue in both garments.
Photo by Jeffrey Scott
Stripes shirt:
In this third instance we think of a more informal look. We can opt for a striped shirt in blue tones of course.
blue suit
Photo by Saverio Santillo
Turtle neck:
Although we are leaving aside the cold days, combining a blue suit with a turtleneck sweater is also an excellent opportunity. Make sure there is a contrast between the two garments.
Photo by George LaBoda
Serious business:
Finally, we return to a more formal dress but we add details. For example, a blue striped shirt with a white collar and a blue striped tie. Remember that the stripes on the latter should be larger than those on the shirt to achieve an appropriate contrast.
blue suit
Photo by Curtis Newkirk

Do you have other ideas to combine a blue suit? Leave at the comments.

Photos Instagram Daniel Robinson, George Laboda, Jeffrey Scott Curtis Newkirk & Saverio Santillo

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