HIIT Session: Stay strong, dont stop your exercises

The life of the gentleman isnt just about mens wear. For stay strong in this hard moments dont stop your HIIT Session, every time is good for move your body, even in quarantine.

HIIT Session: Stay strong, dont stop your exercises

Yes, I know, when this pandemic start your normal life change completly. All the bussines closed, even the gym because the coronavirus completely covered the planet.

Everybody have to stay in home, just go out for buy food, medicaments or go to the hospital. The social life was canceled, what can we do in home?. Fortunately the social media is a place where you can find all the motivation and discover that things you just do it in some place for make in home or never did, like the home workout.

hiit session

Personally, I never think in the importance of the exercises. Not just for the body, for the mind too. In this 2020 I knew a great man that you know, Daniel Robinson. He has his own brand Tie Supply as you know and for the last months he did his HIIT Session since Instagram. In the beggining, I just wachted the session and then I did in the afternoon due to time difference. 11AM in England is 7AM in Argentina, I wake up every morning at 4.45AM for my job in social media. But since the episode 23 of Tie Talk about morning routine my mind completly change. I started to do the session at the same time, because isnt same if you do later. The energy was different, my body and mind increase their power. Actually, I continue with my exercise routine as Daniel used to do. Even I have opened a spotify user, if you want you can take a look at the playlist I use for the sessions.

You can enjoy the last HIIT Session by Daniel on his IGTV.

hiit session

Thanks God in many countries the activity return with normality with the measures necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus: jobs, meetings, restaurants, gym, etc.

¿What exercises do I love to do?:

One of my favorites is the burpees, one press up, jump and 180ª or with start jump version. I do 20 every days, in addition to the three weekly sessions

The other I love a lot is shoulder tap, knee tap into press up, its so powerfull!

Downward dog into cobra is other of my favorites.

Theres a lot of exercises and all are greats, I just wanna mention a few and thats make me feel stronger and happy.

My weeks and life change the sense since I took my exercise routine seriously. Yes, you can say we can find good things in the bad moments sometimes.

You can find many instagramers o youtubers that they can motivate you to change your life as Daniel motivate me.

The motivation is the key of success for change your mind and see the world with new eyes.

Photos Instagram Daniel Robinson

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