Floral patterns: ¿how to combine without lose style?

When you think in floral patterns its normal to think in hawaiian shirts o swimsuits. But actually, you can find this desing in ties or pocket squares. ¿How to dress correctly?

Floral patterns: ¿how to combine without lose style?

Before to start this article you should to know this floral patterns never use it in autum or winter, because they are too flashy for those seasons. But, if the patterns are subtle you can dress all the year. The pocket square is the best option for all the year because not seen completely.

Tie & pocket square:

First, you should think in the size of the patterns. If you dress a hawaiian shirt or swimsuit theres no many problem with this. But if you want add to a formal wear, the size is very important. Normally, you should dress simple patterns, even little. Nothing too flashy. Floral patterns have been gaining ground in ties, but always look for small patterns with dark tones so you can match and go well dressed to the office. For example, the tie or bow tie must have little details and a white background. The pocket square its different, you can choice a flashy patterns because it is hidden and the people just can see the points, people are used to seeing these more striking patterns on this accessory than on the tie and is more easier to use it. This pattern on the pocket square gives more elegance to your clothing

Never use more than two patterns at the same time. If one of the patterns is too flashy use it only one.

floral patterns
Photo by Daniel Robinson

Second, ¿how do combine with the suit?. Dress a suit with solid colors, never others desing like Prince of Wales or tweed.

You can dress in the office or meetings with some considerations: 

  • Use subtle patterns
  • Never combine with a flashy jacket
floral patterns
Photo by Stefaan “suitspirit”

Third, the shirt is other option to use it, but like I said previously, try to find simple patterns with long sleeves. For example a background rose or white with little flowers. If the design is very bold, the cut of the shirt should be classic. Dress it with a sport jacket in solid colors like navy blue or pastel colours, so normal in summer.

Photo by David Komisarchik
Other accessories:

Fourth, others accessories when you can add floral patters are in the sockets or lapel pin. With respect to the sockets always, yes I know I told you before, find simple patterns. If not you look like a clown. The lapel pin is a great option to improve your floral style because the desing are simple and its more simple to combine with other accessories.

Floral lapel pin by Tie Supply

To sum it all up, the key for look like a gentleman is choose simple patterns in one of the accessories, never dress with flashy desings. Equilibrate the accessories for look correctly.


Photos Instagram by Daniel Robinson, Tie Supply, Stefaan suitspirit & David Komisarchik

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