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“We are fashion for the body and support for the mind, a legacy for the people”, by Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson is a young entrepreneur in menswear fashion and his have his brand called Tie Supply. A great interview with an amaizing person.

“We are fashion for the body and support for the mind, a legacy for the people”, by Daniel Robinson

In the beginning of this year I met a brand called Tie Supply and his founder, Daniel Robinson on Instagram. In this moment I discover a new world that show me an amaizings style boxes, you can read the previous article. I became a follower and I was impressed by the good vibes he put in all his publications, both from Tie Supply and his personal profile. If you still don’t follow them, you don’t know what you’re missing: menswear, motivation and the Tie Talks every Sunday.

I think is moment to know the man behind this marvelous products and to share it with the world. The result, a great interview with which to meet a young entrepreneur with a great future. Enjoy!!!

daniel robinson

The beggining

Adrián Guzmán – In the video presentation of Tie Supply on Facebook you mention your grandfather as the one who transmitted you his passion for fashion. How would you define him? Do you think his teachings on good dress have been maintained over time and are still reflected in the style of every British gentleman today?

Daniel Robinson – I feel we always learn from those around us and I was so grateful to have such a man teach me what he did, it wasn’t just about fashion. He was a man of strong resolve, loyalty and dedication to every task. A man who believed in the good of others and above everything else, would never quit until he crossed the finish line!

With regards to fashion we have fallen far short of the standards he set however there is a lot of individual style growing in society now, people not being afraid to dress how they feel and not just follow the crowd. In some ways people embody my grandfather by being fearless in their fashion.

daniel robinson

AG – You also talk about the importance of a good impression on others and that you reflect that with Tie Supply. Do you think those values are still maintained in the English style?

DR – There is a popular quote I recall from Tom Ford – ‘Dressing well is a form of good manners’ and it absolutely rings true; you are showing an individual unspoken respect by dressing well.

I feel we have lost our way when it comes to manners through clothing in some respects, people on an individual basis can certainly step up and show style however some of those that do are ridiculed for dressing in such ways which is societies failing, not the individual in question. From my experience, I would show to work in well thought out suits and ties but others would not understand ‘why?’…however I find as long as you are more persistent over the resistance you can change people’s minds and I would begin receiving compliments on my combos! Style always wins!

daniel robinson

AG – Men’s fashion is a very competitive sector, how do you get different from the rest and create your own identity?

DR – You’re right…we don’t compete, we are here to show people something new and special. We want to help educate people on fashion and lifestyle, it is not just about our custom, hand finished products. We have weekly ‘Tie Talk’s about anything from how to style a tie to mental health, we are building a community not a business, that’s what makes us who we are.

AG – What brands, personalities or influencers have inspired you?

DR – As you’re aware my Grandfather was the first man, but as time has passed it is not about brands that influenced me it is most certainly other influencers, when it comes to formal fashion, Marvin ‘the.swiss.gentleman’ was the first gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting through Instagram and heightened my understanding of fashion affordability and looking good without spending on the big names. Then as time goes on I met more and more incredible people, Jevon ‘theblacksuitedgent’, Rav ‘dapper_ravi’, Bilal ‘theperfectlydressedgentleman’, Rehan ‘thesmartfellow’, Sam ‘Samgreystyle’, I really can’t name them all, but sure pure inspirations!

Daniel with Marvin Walker ‘the.swiss.gentleman’

Daniel with Jevon ‘theblacksuitedgent

AG – How you financed the start of your company?

DR – Tie Supply was born thanks to my savings account for 10 years

The day to day in the life of an entrepreneur

Adrián Guzman – What did you click on the head and decided to start your own brand?

Daniel Robinson – I just decided, it was as simple as that, if you want anything in life you have to go for it. I decided I wanted to be happy waking up every day and my own business in an industry I am passionate about is what matters to me

AG – You thought at each step before you begin or what you were managing as you were moving?

DR – This is a funny one, I feel like I’m in an autonomous car on a road and I have no control of this car, the speed is just increasing, but it is thrilling! I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow or next week, but I love that feeling, I am taking every new challenge day by day.

daniel robinson

AG – In episode 9 of Tie Talk you commented on the importance of doing what you love but also scares the uncertainty of what will happen. How do you solve these doubts in everyday life?

DR – Good observation! This is where the people I have around me are so so important. A great strength is to realise how weak you are, yes, a contradiction but let me explain. I have an incredible support network professionally and personally that keep me both stable and safe in my headspace. Depression is so common amongst people nowadays and the people I have keep me motivated every day. This is why I encourage everyone, stranger or not, to talk to me if they need that support, we are growing together and I truly believe that!

AG – You also comment on the importance of surrounding yourself with the best and who believe in you to help grow your business like Malik from Red Jacket Media. How do you transmit to them your passion so that the videos, social networks and the web have been impeccable?

DR – I feel you just must find people who just ‘get it’. People will read your passion and love for something and reciprocate that! Malik is a gentleman I have worked with before as a model, we had a great chemistry and was someone I could trust to create beautiful content. They need to understand why I do what I do and after that, well, the rest is history!

Working on social networks

Adrián Guzmán – I love Tie Talk on Instagram and I wait every Sunday to see them. In addition to that no other brand related to your business do. How do you prepare and choose the theme for so many issues and concerns that come from your followers?

Daniel Robinson – Well, firstly thank you, we love the appreciation you have for these! We actually love interacting with our followers to develop our talks each week, so effectively ‘YOU’ choose what ‘WE’ talk about and the best part it’s an open discussion for comments and interactions as we are streaming live, there is very little planning or prep it is all ‘off the cuff’ opinions which makes it so much more genuine.

AG – You do a great job on social networks, which one do you think has given you better results in terms of the reach of followers and customers?

DR – It is very different depending on the platform, Facebook has been incredible for building customer trust, Instagram is there to show just how special our products can make you feel and LinkedIn is the icing on the cake to show the professionalism, YouTube is the next step, getting the Tie Talk’s uploaded to that platform to support people.

The customer response

Adrián Guzmán – How has been the response of customers with style boxes? Particularly I am very happy with the product received

Daniel Robinson – This is the best feeling, every time our products have been delivered, we could not have had better feedback, love for the quality, colours and complimenting style. It makes us so proud that people love what we do as much as we love creating it. We mean what we say, ‘we want people to go out with the same smile on their face that we have creating the products.

AG – Also from Argentina and the United Kingdom, what other countries has Tie Supply reached?

DR – We have had the absolute pleasure of having incredible people choosing us from the UK and Argentina as you mentioned as well as Italy, Brazil and Colombia. We want to bring people together through style and through Tie Supply. We are the brand of the people.

daniel robinson

Commitment to a responsible fashion

AG – You have opened a kick starter project, tell us what your objective is with this investment method

DR – Kickstarter is the method I am using to make Tie Supply ‘go green’ with recycled and sustainable suit accessories. It is a different method and one I am still getting familiar with but I am hoping people will see the value in investing in the future of fashion and stop with ‘fast fashion’. (You can read more about this project and collaborate)

AG – Finally, what would you say to the reader so that he will know Tie Supply and why should he consider buying any of the Style Box?

DR – Firstly, we believe our brand is a product for ‘he or she’, we are here to empower everyone to be the best they can be. We would love people to choose us and our products because we guarantee to put that smile on your face and give you that support to feel the best you can within you. We are fashion for the body and support for the mind, a legacy for the people.

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