Mix colors and patterns: Three basic rules

If you want to improve your style, you must to combine the colors and patterns correctly. Here you find three basic rules.

Mix colors and patterns: Three basic rules

Maybe sounds complicate but it isnt, just need pay attention when you choise your clothes and accessories. Let gets started!


The wheel colors will be your guide:

  1. Complementary colors: these colors are directly opposite from one another in the colors wheel, like orange and light blue.
  2. Analogous colors: these color are similar to each other because they are to the right of the netx, like light blue and green.
  3. Triadic color: these colors that are spaced evenly apart and the sort of form on triangle on the colors wheel. Like purple, orange and green.
colors and patterns
Photo by Daniel Robinson

In this case you must pay attention on the size and scale:

  • Stripes: its correctly combine stripes but this should be different size and scale as I mentioned previously.
  • Dots: apply the same rules that the stripes
  • Paisley of floral: you must pay attention to the size. If the floral or paisley are large, the other accessoires should have a small pattern. Even, you can choise a simple tie with a pocket square with some pattern.
Photo by Derek Bleazard

The color of the shirt will condition the color of the tie, like a pink shirt with a burgundy tie or a solid blue tie with a light blue shirt too. The patterns of the shirt will condition the patterns of the tie too. If the stripes of the shirt are so close, the stripes of the site should be more separated and in other direcction: vertical stripes with oblique stripes. You can combine a stripes shirt with a polka dot tie too. And remember combine the pocket square correctly with the tie as I mentioned.

Photo by Peter Zottolo

As you can see, mix colors and patterns is to easy, just follow this tips.

Do you know other combination?, juste leave me in the comments.

Photos Instagram Daniel Robinson, Derek Bleazard & Peter Zottolo

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