¿How to dress in christmas and new year?

This is the week that everybodys waiting in these days: Christmas and new year. ¿How to dress in this holydays?. Lets go!.

¿How to dress in christmas and new year?

We dont think just in the gifts, we think in how to dress to. Its an important night and the coronavirus isnt the exeption for dress well.

¿Where do you live?

Depending on where you live, your outfit will be different.

If you live in Europe, North America, Russia, Japan or other country of the north is normal to dress christmas sweater. Yes, like you can see in movies: with Santa Claus, snowmen or reindeer.

You can combine with a shirt, a dress pant o jeans and shoes or trainers too.

Photo by Matt Tapley

If you live in South America, Australia, New Zealand or other country on the south youre in summer. You wont dress with a sweater.

You can dress with the clothes previously: shirt or a polo, dress pants or jeans.

¿Dress a suit?:

Yes! Why not? You can combine your christmas sweater with a bold color. Dont dress with a three piece suit. If you live in the south you can dress a suit too. Dress a suit with a thinner fabric.

Photo by Daniel Robinson
¿What colors to wear these christmas and new year?:

According to fashion experts, the colors to use for this Christmas, in addition to the traditional gold, red, green or white, which have a fascinating symbolism, shades such as blue, gray or cherry can be an excellent option when choosing. how to look at Christmas dinner.

Photo by Matthew Zorpas

Blue in its darkest tones is the perfect color for these dates. You can use it in the suit, jacket or tie

Gray is another color that is characterized by its elegance and sobriety, like the cherry, a tone for those who do not like red.*


*Source: Cultura Colectiva 

Photos Instagram by Daniel Robinson, Matthew Zorpas & Matt Tappley

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