¿How to dress a casual outfit for bussines and office?

Sometimes, the situation can be important but not require a formal outfit. Thats the moment for dress with a casual outfit in the office or a bussines meeting.

¿How to dress a casual outfit for bussines and office?

Informality or more casual outfits have been gaining ground in many areas, so we must not lose elegance when dressing.

To assemble these sets it is not necessary to go shopping online, but they are garments that we can have on hand in our wardrobe. The grace is in appealing to this to combine them and gain many more possibilities with the garments that we already have in the wardrobe, let’s start!

Blazer or printed jacket:

A blue suit jacket could be a great option to combine, as long as it has some detail like the window box. Other options are prints like the Prince of Wales. If you have a white and blue plaid jacket it may be another possibility. It is important that there is contrast between the jacket and the pants to give it that more casual look than if it were the two or three-piece suit. Also to give it that informal look it is important that it is not the usual colors, but that you look for something different. A tweed or cashmere jacket can be an excellent decision. The pants and shirt must be of a softer color to give prominence to the jacket.

casual outfit

Photo by Boltey & Aitor Novoa


If we want something more casual we should not use the typical dress pants but use a pair of chinos or one of corderoy (this for the colder months). A pair of khaki or sand colored chinos will be a great combination to set aside your own suit. For the corderoy you can appeal to a caramel brown or olive green. Regarding this fabric, the wider lines make it look more casual and the closer ones are more formal. Returning to the Chinese you can use paler blue, red or a thousand stripes. The mustard color can also be used if you like the most played colors.

casual outfit

Photo by Daniel Robinson & Tie Supply


Changing to a knit tie will give it a more casual look. Regarding shoes, brown will be the color to choose without missing out on the dress.

Photo by Franciscano Sastre

Waistcoat or sweaters:

To give it a more casual touch, it is recommended not to use the usual waistcoat that comes with a three-piece suit but to wear a sweater with a v-neckline to show off your tie. It could also be a velvet one in a burgundy or bottle green color. A cardigan waistcoat can also be part of our casual outfit, in blue or green it would be the appropriate option. If you want to stand out a little more you can use waistcoat with designs with a pattern like the Prince of Wales or with textures like braids. In a tennis sweater, he would look executive but casual.

Photo by Boltey & Fernando Maestro


As for the shirt we can choose a square design, in the purest British style. Of course, always avoid white shirts because they denote more formality than if you choose a color similar to cream to combine with brown perfectly.

casual outfit

Foto by Fran Berges

As you can see, elegance can be maintained while dressing a more relaxed look. Can you think of other ideas? Leave it in the comments.

Photos Instagram BolteyAitor NovoaDaniel RobinsonFernando MaestroFran Berges y Franciscano Sastre

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