¿How to buy clothes online?

Buy clothes online is easy, but you should put attention on some points like the size, reputation of the store and other.

¿How to buy clothes online?

Buy new clothes is something usual, even in the pandemia. Theres many online stores when you can buy a shirt, suit, shoes, ties or anything. Unlike a physical store, you cant try on the clothes, and thats the challenge. If you put attention on these tips, your order will be correct.


Thats the main point. Theres many mens with different sizes. You can buy a suit made to measure online, but not so. You have a formulary where you put your sizes. Unlike a face-to-face store, you are responsible for taking the best possible measurements. Some online stores have the ability to run a couple of tests, but most don’t. If you know your body perfectly, theres no a problem with you. ¿But if you dont know?.

buy clothes online
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¿How to take measurements?

Here you have the process step by step and, please, count on someone to take the measurements:

1- Take a neck measurement with a finger between his neck and centimeter

2- Then the chest, waist and hip contour

3- Arm and shoulder length. Remember, the length must reach the wrist and the sleeve of the jacket should not cover the sleeve of the shirt

4- Leg length and between legs, it must start from the waist/hips to the ankle

This applies to all garments: jacket, suit, trouser or shirt.

buy clothes online
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The reputation

The second tip is the reputation of the store. As I say previously, theres many online store, you can put attention what people say about it: Do they respond to inquiries quickly, can you communicate with them by various means, do they send the products on time?.

Photo by Daniel Robinson
Purchasing process

If you should take your measurements, the online store should provide you a guide for this. Thats the key to avoid mistakes. If you have doubts, it is the best way to solve it. And if you have even more left, the ability to communicate with them quickly will be vital to buying a perfectly tailored suit.

Photo by Steve Tilly

IDespite all the above, we can make mistakes. Before you buy, find out how the store returns process. Either because you are not happy with the product or because it needs some modifications.

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