¿Why to use braces?

The braces are an old complement in the mens wear. They are come back and its important to know how to dress and choice for improve your style.

¿Why to use braces?

Like the pocket square, the braces are part or the wardrobe of every gentleman actually. There are two tips principally: clips and buttons or both.

Braces with clip:

These have a clip for button up with the trouser. You can use with a denim or dress trouser. Its like the tie clip and look more informal than the next because they are more thin.

Photo by Daniel Robinson
Braces with buttons:

These have buttons for button up with special trouser with the high waist. its too formal than the previous and they are thicker.

Photo by Marco “The wise young gentleman”
Braces with clip and buttons:

They have both method for button up with any trouser and they are thicker.

Photo by Alberto Chiriac
Design and patterns:

One of the attractive of this complement is the different desing and patterns that you can find: lines, dots or drawings are the options you can choice. But you can put attention in the rest of your outif, particullary the tie.

Photo by Gamberry
¿When should you use it?:

Theres no a special rule for use it. You must consider if you dress formal or informal and the situation. If you go a bussines meeting you should dress with a special trouser for this accessorie. If you go the work or an informal meeting you can use one with clips with a denim or dress trouser with the down waist. Remember, never use this garment with clips if you dress a trouser with high waist.

Photo by Daniel Robinson

It should always be secure when you sit down, they should never be loose.

Even you can use with a t-shirt too.

Photo by Marco “The wise young gentleman”

One last thing, and its my own opinion, if you dress braces dont add a waistcoat to your outfit because they hide the braces. But its true you must use braces when you dress a waistcoat, never a belt.

Never miss the opportunity to show them!.

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Photos Instagram by Alberto Chiriac, Daniel Robinson, Marco “The wise young gentleman” and Gamberry

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