“When the world tells you it’s impossible to be successful, tell the world that impossible is two letters too long” by Daniel Robinson

I couldn’t finish this year without a second interview with my friend Daniel Robinson, the founder of Tie Supply as you know. That was a hardest year but just put attention in this sentence “When the world tells you it’s impossible to be successful, tell the world that impossible is two letters too long”.

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“When the world tells you it’s impossible to be successful, tell the world that impossible is two letters too long” by Daniel Robinson

Be an entrepreneur in 2020

Adrián Guzmán – First of all, I wanna say thank you again for the previous interviews and start with the pandemia. Your business started in the end of 2019, ¿how was it to face this year being an entrepreneur?

Daniel Robinson – It’s a pleasure to be back with you having a catch up interview. This year has been so so scary, I will be the first to admit. We struggled to achieve any form of income in spite of spending nearly £1000 on advertising, it left me to question whether being and entrepreneur, I questioned my ability several times, but through perseverance and the belief from so many, yourself included Adrian, we are still here!

AG¿How it strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit?, because it was a hard stage for every entrepreneur

DR – I feel it had to break me down for me to realise what was possible, as I mention in the above answer to the previous question, it was everyone else around me, client, friends and family alike that showed me the reason why I was doing this! So, in truth, it didn’t strengthen my entrepreneurial spirit but showed me people who believe in me.

AGI know that sales were maintained by the response of customers, ¿are fans a source of energy for every entrepreneur?

DR – In short, 100%, my company would be nothing without the love and enthusiasm of the customers. The appreciation for what I do and how I work is everything. It gives me life to create new products, gain new customers and show even more love to all of you for loving what I create!

AG – ¿Was it difficult to get new clients this year?

DR – It was near impossible, especially through advertising! I was very fortunate to discover various live streaming platforms which saved my business!

be successful

AG – ¿What lessons has left you this first year of Tie Supply?, and of course, congrats for the first birthday.

DR – Why thank you! It is exciting to still be here after a year! I have been truly humbled by the power of word of mouth and just having customers who love the ethos of Tie Supply. I have build new ranges by listening directly to consumers and not assuming what people want! It has challenged and changed every stereotype and convention I ‘understood’ about business, and I LOVE that. Business isn’t what we learn in text books, it is who we meet along the way!

The power of the social networks

AG – Social networks were a great engine in the first months for you with the hiit sessions (one of the most positive things that this year has left me, in addition to your brand) and let’s talk, without forgetting the tie talk. ¿How did it help you personally and professionally?

DR – I feel, given the extreme circumstances of this year, we all needed to divert our focus from negative news! HIIT session, mental chats and conversations were so important just to maintain sanity! We as one people realised how fragile our mental states are and this global crisis has brought out so much good in this world. I have found myself to be supporting so many other, inadvertently saving lives and showing people a better way, I had DM’s that brought tears to my eyes from people saying ‘You saved me, thank you’.

be successful

Dan, an actor and model

AG – Your acting career took a huge leap this year. Shorts like Mom by White Tusk Studios, your participation in BGT, the Mowille video and the movie you are shooting for Warner, to name a few. ¿What has each experience left you on a professional and personal level?

DR – I feel it has put life in perspective for me, considering how low I felt in March and April and seeing how quickly I could turn myself around with determination and grit, it showed me what I am capable of in any capacity if I want it enough!

AG – As a model your career continues to rise, ¿what advice would you give to those who want to start as models from instagram?. I know one, wacht your tie talks! Many tips in every video about this.

DR – This is a really interesting question, I don’t actually see myself as a model, I understand the mechanics of modelling but to be one, not so much, I prefer to think of myself as an Actor who models, as it is not really I skill I possess. It is more of a fun hobby to get involved in but it does assist in the concept of keeping me on track with my physical health.

AG – ¿How do you combine your life as an entrepreneur and an actor?

DR – It is a hard balance but if you love what you do you make time for it all as best you can! It can also offer beautiful synergy as I have been able to style up in Tie Supply products on set which is a nice touch.

AG – ¿Do you consider yourself an influencer?

DR – Short answer no, however, if I inspire, or influence someone positively then to that individual, sure!

Tie Supply for womens and mens

AG – I wanna take this phrase from the first interview “we believe our brand is a product for ‘he or she’”. Having a business oriented to men, ¿what has led you to create the feminine line?

DR – This is quite a funny story, I was doing a livestream, it was gathering a lot of attention (perhaps 100+ people in the stream), I just asked the question, ‘What more can we do to make you love us even more at Tie Supply?’, and no less than 20 individuals said about offering a feminine style box, it has never been done before, so, why not! We are here to change the world, nothing less will do, and the birth of our feminine collection happened! I want to create smiles, that’s what matters. It’s the feeling of being heard and appreciated, I want everyone who comes into contact with Tie Supply to feel that!

Accessories of the Liberty Feminine Style Box

AG – ¿What percentage of your clients prior to the launch of the feminine style box are approximately women?

DR – Prior to the concept being born, we had only had 2 female customers! It was an incredible untapped market for us, the minute we launched the feminine concept, this jumped to well over 30 individual female customers!

AG – ¿What do you consider to be the most attractive of your products?

DR – Honestly, every product has it’s own merit, but what makes a product the best is seeing it on the customers and the smiles it gives them, that’s what makes our products ‘attractive’…the handmade silk pocket square of the Atlantis box is very beautiful though! haha

Accessories of the Atlantis Style Box by Tie Supply

AG – Your donations to the NHS and selling sustainable products are a great attraction, ¿do you think that people give much more value to a brand with these values?

DR – I don’t really use these as marketing ploys to get more value from Tie Supply. I feel that donating to institutions that are the backbone of Britain is just the right thing to do, not to mention sustainable products is just better for the world, I believe it is all our responsibilities to leave the world in a better shape than when we found it. It is great that people love that we do this but we would do this anyway!

Rocking on tik tok… ¿whats next?

AG – Tik Tok was a great driver in recent months in your brand, the live shows were full of people. You even had an interview for the video that reached more than a million views. Instagram is replicating the model. What plans do you have regarding social media for 2021? You only need to generate content on YouTube

DR – I feel the next step is to double down on livestreaming, people connect with people and after all that is exactly what Tie Supply is all about!

¿Whats to come in 2021?

AG – You already talked about your next plans for Tie Supply in the Tie Talk, but tell readers what they can expect for next year.

DR – The biggest thing for us is employment, I want to bring on a team to handle brand recognition and growth while I begin to focus on substantial product development! I can’t go into too much detail but this is the plan.

be successful

AG – Summarize your 2020 in one sentence

DR – The hardest business year I have ever experienced so far, full of emotional turmoil and sleepless nights.

AG – Finally, what message would you leave to the world after this year?

DR – When the world tells you it’s impossible to be successful, tell the world that impossible is two letters too long.

be successful

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