I am Adrián Guzmán and I am here for help to improve your style

What is fashion for you? What does it represent in your life? Do you choose clothes thoroughly or do you just go like this?

You may or may not put attention to it, but what is certain is that it is part of our life. Whether for work or going out with friends. You do not want to clash and go badly dressed, I imagine not?

Clothing is our cover letter, whatever the scope. You shouldn’t care, you should worry and take care.

adrián guzmán

Worry because if you go to a job interview you should analyze the company to go dressed according to the occasion. Going for a cashier, salesperson or already in a professional rank as a lawyer, doctor or journalist is not the same. But watch out, worry and don’t get overwhelmed.

Take care because you must have in your wardrobe the basic items necessary to maximize your wardrobe: suits, shirts, waistcoat, jackets, pants, shoes, slippers, etc. You must take care of putting it together so that you can vary your clothing without spending more than the necessary money. That does not mean that you can not give yourself any other luxury in a garment that you have fallen in love with.

That is why I have put together this page, to accompany you on. I am not an expert, far from it. I am only interested in the sector and my profession as a journalist gives me the tools to generate valuable content for all of you.

Being fashionable is not being frivolous, it is a way of life, of seeing life. Because you don’t want to go unnoticed and the best way to get attention is to dress well. Like when you wear a suit and tie, surely someone else has turned around. Because dressing is not pleasing others, but reflecting the best of yourself.

“Fashion is to get your best version, do not waste it”.

“You shouldn’t care the fashion, you should worry and take care..”

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