5 accessories to improve your style

The accessories in our outfit make the difference between dressing well or dressing much better. Therefore, it is important that you have these 5 accessories.

5 accessories to improve your style

The tie, a pocketsquare, a lapel pin or a bracelet are accessories that we must always have at our disposal. It is not about simply using them, but finding a balance with the rest of our oufit. We can list 5 accessories to be prepared for any occasion.

Paisley tie

We already mentioned this type of tie in our last article and it is one that should never be missing in every gentleman’s wardrobe.
They are associated with the 80s, but at that time they did not have many followers due to various factors such as size or not so pretty designs.
Paisley ties have distinctive, intricate, feather-shaped patterns. Its design has evolved and is now much more elegant than in the past.
We can combine it with a shirt in solid and muted colors, striped or plaid. In this way we will make it stand out in our outfit.
It is ideal for a wedding, cocktail or an evening out with our partner or friends.
5 accessories
Photo by Matt Horner

Polka dots pocket square

Among the multiple designs of pocket squares, these stand out for the contrast they offer compared to other designs. These go with any type of tie or shirt. In addition, it will give more professionalism to your outfit. Remember that if the pocket square has the detail, like these points, the tie should be simple.

5 accessories
Photo by Daniel Robinson

Solid lapel flower

The lapel pin is another accessory that will take your outfit to another level. The flower is an ideal design and the color should accompany the tie and handkerchief.

Photo by Adrián Guzmán

Leather bracelet

Leather bracelets have a strong connotation towards our masculinity. Bringing one to the office or to a meeting will give our outfit a higher level. They will make you look refined but approachable.
They work perfectly with a blue, green or brown suit.
Photo by Andrew Thomas

Tie clip – Tie bar

We have already talked about this accessory before and it has resurfaced in recent years as an important accessory, especially in a formal outfit. It helps keep the tie from moving and stays tight on the shirt. Remember that it should go between the third or four button of the shirt, depending on your physical build, and it should never be larger than the width of the tie.

Photo by Adrián Guzmán

With these accessories and using them properly you will never be out of style. What other accessory do you recommend that we should consider? Leave it in the comments, we will read you.

By the way, remember the amazing style boxes by Tie Supply, each of them brings the accessories that we have talked about in this article.

Photos Instagram by Daniel Robinson, Andrew Thomas, Matt Horner & Adrián Guzmán

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